Publié : 13 avril 2012
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Our Trip to England

Mme Bourdet-Granier a fait écrire aux élèves le récit de leur séjour :

We spent 5 days in England with Mrs Adé, our PE teacher, Mrs Bourdet-Granier who teaches us British civilisation, and Jack, our American assistant. We left on Monday, March 26th at 7.30 am. It was quite early for us because we had just switched to summer time or daylight saving time the previous weekend and set our clocks one hour ahead of standard time during the night from Saturday 24 to Sunday 25 March so that we lost an hour’s sleep.

We went to Calais by bus and then took the ferry from Calais to Dover. We arrived at Hampton Court at the beginning of the afternoon and visited Henry VIII ‘s famous palace. In fact Hampton Court consists of 2 palaces : the red brick Tudor Palace of Henry 8 and the Baroque Palace built for William and Mary of Orange. We couldn’t see everything because it is a huge palace and Mary II ‘s apartments were being maintained. After the visit we joined our host families in Maidenhead.

The next day we went to Oxford. We had a guided tour of the town on foot and visited Christ Church. Unfortunately the Great Hall that was used as a model for Hogwarts’ Great Hall in the Harry Potter films was closed. We were disappointed but nevertheless it was worth the visit. We also visited the Sheldonian Theater and took pictures of its beautiful ceiling. The weather was lovely and we had a picnic on Christ Church Meadow. It was Justine’s birthday and the teachers had bought her a birthday cake at the Cake Shop in the Covered Market, and we all tasted it . In the afternoon we visited Oxford Castle Unlocked , then we drove back to Maidenhead and had dinner with our host families. Most of us had pizza and fries on the first evening.

On the Wednesday morning we had an unpleasant surprise when we got to the meeting point because some robbers had siphoned our bus gasoline during the night and the tank was empty. We had to buy gasoline from the nearest gas station . But our bus driver did his best and we were eventually able to leave at 10.30. Of course we arrived late for the visit of Eton College at Windsor but we saw the places we were allowed to visit. We ate our packed lunch on Windsor Bridge and were offered some fudge, an English specialty. The one we tasted was vanilla-flavoured. After lunch we walked to Windsor Castle , then we went back to Oxford and visited the Ashmolean Museum. We saw the lantern Guy Fawkes intended to use to light the explosives when he tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament on the 5th of November 1605,and a Hawking leather glove that used to belong to Henry VIII.

We spent the Thursday in London. First we went to the British Museum and had lunch there. After that we went on a sightseeing tour on foot and walked for more than 4 hours. But we did not complain because we went into the M&M’s shop in Leicester Square. There are only 4 M&M’s stores in the world, one in London and the three others are located in the States. We also had a quick look into the beautiful store Liberty on Regent Street and inside the famous department store Harrods. Our teachers bought us some doughnuts and Frédéric ,our bus driver ,let us eat them in the bus on our way back to Maidenhead. We had a very nice stay without any problems except for Etienne who hurt his left eye while playing trampoline in his host family’s garden. On the Friday morning he arrived at the meeting point with a black eye. In the afternoon we did some shopping in Canterbury before taking the ferry back to Calais. And we got to our school at the scheduled time !!!