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Par : V. GILLE
Publié : 15 avril 2011
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Les 4ème 1 racontent leur séjour impressionniste


We went on a three-day school trip to Le Havre and Honfleur.
The trip was organized by M. Boiteau, our history and geography teacher and Mme Turgis, our French teacher. But unfortunately M. Boiteau didn’t come with us because he was very ill. Our art teacher, Mrs Legrand and Mrs Bourdet-Granier , our English teacher also accompanied us.
We met at the station at 7.30 am on Wednesday, April 6th and took the train to Le Havre.
But in Le Havre we missed the 9.09 bus to Honfleur, so we decided to walk to the CRJS ( the regional youth and sports center ) where we were staying to get rid of our luggage. It was hard work because it was a long way and our luggage was heavy.
After we put down our suitcases in our bedrooms, we walked back to the town hall and had a picnic in the gardens. They were beautiful with a lot of fountains.
Then we took the 12.47 bus to Honfleur and in the afternoon we visited the Erik Satie house and museum which was really interesting, and the Eugène Boudin museum where our art teacher asked us to sketch two paintings. The museum had a rich collection of Préimpressionist paintings by Norman artists such as Eugène Boudin and Alexandre Dubourg.
After that the teachers allowed us to walk in the pedestrian streets and do some shopping.
We went back to Le Havre by bus and then walked back to the CRJS. We had dinner and at 10 o’clock the teachers told us to go back to our bedrooms and switch the lights off. They were angry because we didn’t want to go to bed as we were very excited.
On Thursday morning we walked round Le Havre and visited the Cathedral Notre-Dame which was built in 1522, and Saint-Joseph’s Church , a very modern church completed in 1957.
We had lunch at the CRJS and after lunch, we had a boat trip around Le Havre Harbour.
Then we visited the Malraux Museum that contains a lot of beautiful paintings and watercolours. We had to sketch two more paintings.
After the visit, the teachers allowed us to go shopping for an hour. The girls mainly bought clothes and jewels whereas the boys bought hamburgers, sodas and sweets.
We had dinner at the CRJS and went to bed at 10 o’clock.
On Friday morning, we packed and cleaned our bedrooms. Then we had a tour around the town center on the tourist mini-train. The guide explained a lot of things to us about the history of Le Havre. The town was almost completely destroyed during World War II and rebuilt in a very modern style by the famous architect Auguste Perret who was a specialist in reinforced concrete.
Then we went back to the CRJS to pick up our luggage and took a bus to the train station because we didn’t want to carry our suitcases again.
Finally we arrived in Rouen at 2 pm. It was a really interesting trip and we enjoyed it very much.

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